Rear Hub Assembly, Heavy Duty, for Original Axle, TR4A – TR6

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Dimensions: 10 × 6 × 6 in
Weight: 12lbs

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Upgraded rear axle hub with adapter to attach to original U-joint axles

Fits Triumph TR4A IRS, TR250, and TR6

Sold individually


Don’t spend money rebuilding your original hubs! Replace them with new, stronger hubs and put an end to worries of a dangerous failure. Failure of the weak, original rear hub can cause a wheel to suddenly part company with the car with devastating results.

Take a look at the comparison photos of the rotating parts of the original hub vs. the Good Parts hub.  The original hub transmits all the side force through a small, 1.062″ diameter axle shaft that can fatigue and break. Good Parts hubs use a much stronger design where the side force is transferred directly from the wheel flange to the large bearing where the minimum load bearing diameter is 1.91″.  The inner bearing races are included since they contribute to the effective load bearing diameter when the big nut is torqued.  In the photo showing the parts disassembled, the shinier area of the original tapered spindle marked “A” was still securely stuck in the wheel flange which made it very hard to press apart.  The area marked “B” is darker because the surface has tiny wear marks from rubbing against the inside of the taper in the wheel flange as the spindle was flexing.  Eventually the spindle may break off leaving the wheel free to leave the car.  The shiny area marked “C” shows where the inner bearing was wearing on the spindle allowing a little wheel wobble that could not be eliminated with adjustment of the bearing preload.  The original hub transmits driving force through a 1/4″ square key whereas the Good Parts hub used a spline.


Uses a modern sealed double tapered roller bearing with factory set pre-load

Reduced weight and hub flex improves handling

Simple bolt-in with no modifications to trailing arm

Note: Wheel studs are standard 7/16-20 thread unless specified. Stud length is measured from face of hub flange without the brake drum installed.

Click here for installation instructions

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in
Hub Mounting Holes

5/16” for factory hub mounting studs, 3/8” for Good Parts uprated studs or rear disc brake kit

Wheel Stud Length

7/8" factory length for wire wheels, 1-3/16” factory length for steel wheels, 1-3/8", 1-9/16” for steel wheels with 3/8” spacers, 1-3/4", 2-1/2″ threaded length (+1/4" unthreaded nose), 2-1/2″ threaded length (+1/4" unthreaded nose), 2-1/2″ ARP cut to length + $20.00 (Specify length in order notes during checkout), 2-1/2" ARP cut to length + $40.00 (Specify length in order notes during checkout), 2-1/8" threaded length (+7/16" unthreaded nose) ½-20 ARP + $24.00, 2-1/8" threaded length (+7/16" unthreaded nose) ½-20 ARP + $48.00

1 review for Rear Hub Assembly, Heavy Duty, for Original Axle, TR4A – TR6

  1. Rich (verified owner)

    Just received a pair of these for my 1973 tr6. It was time to replace mine and the quality of these is great. Can’t imagine using rebuilt or new oem hubs when you can get these. Order was processed and delivered timely.

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