Differential Upgrade Kit and Driveshafts

3.54:1, 3.69:1 OR 4.08:1 RATIO

Upgrade your TR6 with a Nissan R200 viscous limited slip differential. Good Parts kit makes installation easy. Available gear ratios include 3.69:1 to match the stock TR6 ratio or 4.08:1 for faster acceleration. Overdrive is recommended for highway driving with the 4.08:1 ratio. Differentials are also available in 3.54:1 ratio for cruising with lower engine rpm. The 3.54:1 differentials have six-bolt axle flanges rather than 5-bolt so they require a different installation kit.

The stock differential is a weak link in a high performance TR6. Installing the R200 will eliminate differential worries. It is a very strong unit used in production cars with engines up to 266hp. It will handle anything your TR6 engine can give it.

In addition to durability, the R200 offers much quieter operation than the TR6 differential. The first thing I noticed when I test drove my car after installing the R200 was silence. The clunking I had put up with for 15 years was gone.

Of course the best benefit of the upgrade is the viscous limited slip system. It does an outstanding job of limiting wheel spin without causing any undesirable handling characteristics.
The installation kit includes:

  • Brackets to mount the Nissan differential to the TR6 frame.
  • Adapter flanges to bolt the TR6 axles to the Nissan flanges.
  • Polyurethane isolators and mounting hardware.

Installing the Nissan differential with the original transmission requires a driveshaft that is 2.25 inches shorter than original. You can purchase a new driveshaft from Good Parts or you can have your original one shortened and balanced. With the Toyota transmission conversion, a driveshaft with no slider is recommended. Good Parts can have a driveshaft made to your specified length for this application.

A used Nissan R200 differential may be sourced locally or purchased from Good Parts with the necessary modifications already made. These modifications include: (1) remove input flange, machine pilot diameter and drill new bolt pattern to match TR6 driveshaft, reinstall flange, (2) remove mounting studs from rear cover and chamfer holes, (3) remove rubber/steel isolators from front mounts, (4) grind away half of protrusion on top of main housing casting, (5) remove sensors and wiring harness.

Differentials are sold with a 90 day replacement warranty. Labor and return shipping is the customer's responsibility. Differentials are not repainted before shipping and may have surface rust.

NOTE: Installation of Good Parts rear Nylatron suspension bushing kit is strongly recommended when installing the R200 differential. The original type rubber bushings allow the trailing arm to shift sideways during hard cornering. This action, combined with binding of the axle splines during acceleration or deceleration has, on a few occasions disengaged the internal snap ring hold the R200 axle stub into the differential. If the axle stub moves out far enough to disengage its splines, power cannot be transmitted to the wheels. This has not been known to occur on cars using the Nylatron bushings in the trailing arms. Springs are now supplied with the R200 installation kit to install between the axle half-shafts as an extra precaution.

For information on R200 differential source cars see information pages.

Please Note: The R200 differential and installation kit are purchased separately. A complete system includes a differential, an installation kit and a shortened driveshaft.