Differential Upgrade Kits and Driveshafts

Upgrade your TR6 with a Nissan R200 differential available with viscous limited slip (VLSD). The R200 differentials are very strong and easily able to handle the torque of an upgraded TR6 engine or even a V8 conversion.  They operate quietly without the clunking noises often associated with the original TR6 differential.  Another great benefit of the upgrade is the viscous limited slip system. It does an outstanding job of limiting wheel spin without causing any undesirable handling characteristics.

A Good Parts kit makes installation easy.  Kits are available to fit two variations of the R200 differential.  The original kit we have been producing since 1999 fits the “short nose” R200 found in Nissan and Infiniti cars from the 1990’s. We are now also offering a kit to fit Nissan's newer, stronger version of the R200 which we have designated R200B.  This version is found in certain Nissan cars from 2003-2018 and is available with or without viscous limited slip. The chart below lists the available gear ratios and source cars of R200 and R200B differentials.

Note: R200B differentials are available in locking viscous limited slip (VLSD) and open non-VLSD configuration. You can confirm your diff configuration by attempting to rotate the axle flanges in opposite directions. The flanges on a VLSD differential will not rotate, the flanges on an open differential will rotate freely.

Differential installation kits are available with axle adapters and hardware for use with the original TR6 half shafts or without axle adapters for use with Good Parts CV axles.

Installing the Nissan differential with the original transmission requires a driveshaft that is 2.25 inches shorter than original. You can purchase a new driveshaft from Good Parts or you can have your original one shortened and balanced. With the Toyota transmission conversion, a driveshaft with no slider is recommended. Good Parts can have a driveshaft made to your specified length for this application.

A used Nissan R200 differential can be sourced locally and modified by the customer or purchased from Good Parts with the necessary modifications already made.

Please visit our "R200 Diff Sources and Modifications" page in the Info Pages section for details about finding and modifying an R200 differential.