Air Cleaners and Ram Air Induction

Air Box Triple Stromberg
Air Cleaner Kit TR6

Good Parts Ram Air Induction System will enhance the appearance and improve the performance of your TR6. The air box has a polished .060" thick aluminum shell. A spacer assembly is placed inside the box at each carb to prevent the bolts from distorting the box when tightened. It consists of a 3/8" aluminum plate on the carb side with a tube reaching to the other side for each bolt. The plate has a 3/8" radius around the air inlet to enhance airflow into the carb. The air cleaner mounts between the radiator and the grille and attaches to the brace bolt on the right side of the radiator. The filter is easily accessed through the openings below the bumper. It is available with standard or high performance filter elements. The hose connection protrudes through a hole cut in the side of the radiator shroud. A 3.5" wire reinforced rubber hose connects from the air cleaner to the air box. The carbon canister will have to be relocated on the later cars that have it mounted beside the radiator.

  • A ram air induction system increases power by feeding cooler, pressurized air to the carbs.
  • Systems available for triple or dual Strombergs or SU-HS6's.
  • A flexible rubber hose connects an air cleaner, mounted behind the grille, to an aluminum air box bolted to the carbs. Requires a hole in the radiator shroud for the hose.
  • A complete ram air induction system consists of an air box and a remote air cleaner kit.
  • Good Parts now offers high performance air filter elements for the remote air cleaner. Cotton polyester filtration media provides excellent filtration with minimal restriction. This media is specifically designed for high performance air filtration and industry proven in a multitude of applications. It requires no oiling and can be washed and reused.
Under the hood of the Triumph TR6