Front Brake Upgrade Kits

Upgrade front braking with Wilwood four piston calipers. Caliper kits are offered for the stock size 10.82" x 0.5" solid rotors or for Wilwood 11.0" x 0.81" vented rotors. Kits are priced without brake pads to allow your choice of pads. Some selection of Wilwood pads are listed below. Other Wilwood pads are available. Descriptions available at or request info from Good Parts. Braking needs can vary from one vehicle to another due to tire size, suspension settings, weight and other factors. Good Parts makes no recommendation as to the suitability of a particular piston size or brake pad combination for your vehicle.

Wilwood calipers standard finish is Hard Anodized which is a silver/gray color. They are also available in black or red powder coated for additional cost.

Each Wilwood caliper with pads weighs only 4.9 lbs. compared to the stock caliper at 9.6 lbs. Also, the mounting hat and Wilwood rotor combination is 1.2 lbs lighter than the stock rotor. This reduces unsprung weight by 5.9 lbs per side!

WARNING: Optimum braking is achieved with the correct balance of front to rear bias. Too much braking power in the front reduces overall braking because the rear is contributing less. Too much rear braking is very dangerous because rear lock-up can cause the car to spin. TEST YOUR BRAKES in a safe place where there is no danger to (or from) other people or vehicles BEFORE driving on the street.