Upgraded Axle/Hub Kits


CV Joint Axle and Hub Assembly

Good Parts TR6 Axle and Hub

Reduce power loss

CV joints are much more efficient than universal joints so there is less power loss and more horsepower to the road.

Improve handling

Stock TR6 axles use sliding splines which bind under torque, interfering with suspension travel and disrupting handling. CV joints eliminate the need for sliding splines resulting in smoother operation and improved handling.

Increase safety

Failure of the weak, stock rear hub can cause a wheel to suddenly part company with the car with devastating results. The stock hub transmits all the side force through a small diameter axle shaft that flexes and can eventually fracture. Good Parts hubs use a much stronger design where the side force is transferred directly from the wheel flange to the large bearing.

Good Parts CV Joint axle assemblies include:

  • High capacity, high efficiency CV joints
  • High strength hubs to eliminate flex and fractures associated with the stock hubs
  • Modern, large diameter, sealed double tapered roller bearing with factory set preload
  • Inner CV Joint that bolts directly to 5 or 6-bolt R200(B) differentials. Axles for stock differential include an additional adapter.
  • May require some grinding inside trailing arm for clearance. Trailing arm or differential must be removed for installation.

Note: When installing CV Joint axles it is highly recommended that Good Parts Nylatron Rear Bushing Kit (SKU 037) is installed to control lateral movement of the trailing arm.

Heavy Duty U-Joint Axle and Hub Assembly

TR6 Axle Hub U Joint
  • Uses very strong, readily available 1310 series U-joints.
  • See size comparison of 1310 series vs. TR6 U-joint.
  • Installs through the trailing arm same as original axles. Requires no modification to the trailing arm.
  • Available with standard greaseable U-joints or, for maximum strength choose Gold series U-joints which are not re-greaseable.
  • Includes the same high strength hub and wheel bearing that come with our CV Joint axles.

Note: Good Parts hubs are available with 1-3/16" wheel studs as supplied by the factory for steel wheels, 7/8" studs for wire wheels, 1-3/8" studs for thicker alloy wheels, 1-9/16" or 1-3/4" studs for use with wheel spacers or 2-1/2" ARP studs. Hubs can be ordered with ARP studs cut to custom length. Stud selection is required when ordering hubs. Replacement studs are also listed individually. PLEASE NOTE that the studs listed for Good Parts hub will not fit the original hub. All stud length measurements are from the face of the hub flange without the brake drum installed.