Roller Rockers


TR6 Roller Rocker Assembly
  • Stock TR6 rockers have a chronic problem of wear and galling on the shaft. Good Parts upgraded roller rockers have needle bearings riding on a hard shaft to reduce friction and eliminate wear at this critical area. At the tip, a hardened roller with needle bearing rotating on a hardened pin freely rolls over the end of the valve stem to reduce side load and wear of the stem and guide. Oil channels lubricate the roller bearings and adjuster ball. The rockers are precisely machined from high strength billet 7075T6 aluminum and anodized a golden color.
  • Good Parts TR6 roller rocker assemblies include heavy duty, shaft clamping pedestals machined from solid 6061T6 aluminum. These pedestals are also available separately. They will work with stock rockers but please note that the stock rockers will require slight modification to fit in the end pedestals.
  • Stock TR6 rockers are 1.46:1 ratio. Good Parts offers roller rockers in 1.55:1 or 1.65:1 ratio. Increasing the rocker ratio improves engine performance by opening the valves faster and further. The combined benefits of reduced friction and improved airflow can increase horsepower by as much as 10%.