Triple Intake Manifolds and Carburetor Assemblies

Triple Manifold Kit TR6

TR6 Manifold Kit

Fuel Line Kit

Fuel Line Kit

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Triple GT6 Manifold Kit

GT6/175CD Manifold Kit

The triple Stromberg/SU system has grown steadily in popularity since I introduced it in 1991. More and more TR6 owners are realizing how well it performs, offering the high performance they want without a sacrifice in fuel economy or street manners. I have had great success using this system on high performance TR6 engines that I have built and have received excellent reports from customers who have installed the kit on their engines as well. Strombergs and SU’s have a sliding air valve creating a variable venturi to maintain high air velocity across the jet regardless of the volume of airflow. At idle when the engine is using very little air the air valve is only open a crack so the air still rushes past the jet to properly mix the fuel. As the throttle is opened and the load on the engine is increased the air valve rises, riding on the airflow to maintain velocity. At full throttle under load the air valves are fully open exposing a wide-open passage for air. This performance simply cannot be matched by a fixed venturi carb. If a fixed venturi is sized large enough to provide adequate flow at high rpm it will not mix the fuel properly at low rpm resulting in poor fuel economy. With triple Strombergs or SU’s the fuel mileage is generally in the mid 20's and the performance is fantastic with instant acceleration and smooth power throughout the rpm range. Installation is easy with no modifications required to the stock carburetors. This system is a worthwhile improvement to a stock engine and is of even greater benefit to a modified engine.

Order the triple manifold kit for use with your own carbs or as a complete, ready to bolt on assembly with rebuilt Strombergs or brand new SU HS6’s.  Complete manifold and carb assemblies include all new accelerator linkage to connect to the lever at the firewall.  Stainless steel fuel line assemblies are available configured for the fuel supply line coming around the front of the engine as supplied from the factory or for fuel supply from the rear of the engine.


  • Manifold kit includes: aluminum manifolds with balance and heater tubes, interconnecting hoses,clamps, linkage lever, hardware and instructions.
  • Stainless steel fuel line sold separately. Includes 1/4" and 5/16" inlet adapters, clamps and hoses.
Triple 175CD Carb and Manifold Assembly
Triple 175CD Carb and Manifold Assembly