Oil Separator & PCV Kits

Oil Separater Kit
Oil Separater installed on TR6

Good Parts breather Oil Separator captures oil escaping with the crankcase ventilation from the valve cover vent and returns it to the crankcase. The clean air outlet from the separator is connected to the breather inlets on the carburettors to maintain negative crankcase pressure without drawing oil into the intake. This kit is especially useful with un-baffled aluminum valve covers and with engines using an external oil line feeding additional oil to the rocker assembly. Oil captured by the separator is returned to the crankcase through a fitting welded into the oil pan or through a fitting in the fuel pump blanking plate if an electric pump is in use. Blanking plate is included with kit.

Good Parts PCV Kit provides positive crankcase ventilation with a modern PCV valve. Provides more negative pressure to the crankcase than the breather ports on the Stromberg carbs. Ideal for use with carbs without breather ports. Works great with the oil separator kit above.

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