TR6 Header

Good Parts designed and manufactured tuned exhaust headers have equal length primary and equal length secondary tubes for optimum performance. Our dyno testing has shown this 6-3-1 design and tuned tube lengths to offer the most effective balance of low end, midrange and top end torque. Hand-made from durable mild steel and coated with high temperature ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings offer excellent corrosion protection and reduction in engine bay temperatures. They also increase the effectiveness of the header by keeping more heat energy inside the tubes. Good Parts headers have a 2.5", 3-bolt flange on the outlet for easy installation and removal. Companion flanges are available for welding to custom exhaust systems. Adapters are available to connect to the early stock single 1-7/8" pipe system or the later stock two 1-3/4" pipe system. The exhaust headers fit all TR6 heads. Manifold gaskets are listed separately to allow choice of early narrow or later wide intake port spacing.

The original TR250 and early TR6 intake manifolds have an unused protrusion on the bottom of the casting that must be cut off to clear the header pipes.