Harmonic Damper Kits

TR6 Damber Kit with Fan Extension

The long crankshaft in the Triumph six cylinder is especially subject to power robbing torsional vibrations. The stock harmonic damper does not do an effective job of eliminating these vibrations. This kit uses a race approved ATI SUPER DAMPER to effectively eliminate torsional vibrations allowing the engine to run smoother and produce more power.

Installing this damper on my high performance street TR6 engine was the best thing I have done for it in a long time. Everything was meticulously balanced and the stock damper looked fine but apparently there were some nasty torsional vibrations going on that the stock damper could not deal with. After installing this damper the engine is noticeably smother and the effective power range is extended by 600–800 rpm. Previously the engine could run to 6000 rpm but shifting at 5500 was about as effective. Now it pulls strong through 6500 rpm and I estimate that it is putting out at least 10 more horsepower.

  • Kit includes: Damper, hub, fan extension replacer and bolt, new water pump, anodized aluminum pulleys for crank, pump and alternator, belt, hardware and torque tool.
  • Also available with fan extension for stock fan
  • Damper has engraved timing marks and zinc chromate finish