Dual Master Cylinder Kit, TR250, TR6, 5/8″ bore

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Dimensions: 20 × 10 × 9 in
Weight: 9lbs

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Upgraded brake dual master cylinder assembly

Fits Triumph TR250 and TR6

Sold as a complete assembly


The original Triumph system uses a single master cylinder mounted to a vacuum brake booster.  Front to rear brake bias cannot be adjusted and the vacuum booster causes a “vague” or “disconnected” brake pedal sensation.  Good Parts Dual Master Cylinder Kit uses two 5/8″ bore Wilwood master cylinders and a balance bar system to allow full adjustment of front to rear brake bias.  Bias adjustment may be made at the balance bar or from the cockpit using the Remote Brake Bias Adjuster Kit (SKU 3799).  The vacuum booster is replaced by an adjustable mechanical lever within the assembly that increases brake pedal force and provides a direct and repeatable brake pedal response.

This kit is sold as a complete bolt-on assembly that replaces the original vacuum booster and master cylinder. Includes new brake lines to connect between the master cylinder and the original brake pressure differential warning assembly (PDWA).

Click here for installation instructions

Fit Note:  Fits left hand drive cars as shown with direct mounted reservoirs.  Can be fitted to right hand drive cars by using the included remote reservoir mounting kit.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 9 in

3 reviews for Dual Master Cylinder Kit, TR250, TR6, 5/8″ bore

  1. Keith Norrie (verified owner)

    Very nicely engineered replacement for the stock Master Cylinder/Brake Booster. This installs in a couple of hours, and once you have fully-bled the brake system, and ensured you have the front/rear balance correctly set, this product works very well. I have found that the brake pedal requires slightly higher pressure than stock, but the feel is much firmer, and more precise. This means it is much easier to modulate the brakes just prior to locking up as compared to the stock system. In short this is a fairly high-dollar upgrade, but gave me what I was looking for, looks great in the car and performs. Recommended!

  2. Bras Sinclair (verified owner)

    My stock master cylinder had to be replaced. I’ve upgraded with good parts in the past (Differential upgrade kit, Up rated rear axle hub Kit, drive shaft) and have never been disappointed. This master cylinder was straight forward and easy to install. It works perfectly. Like the previous review stated, the brake pedal is stiff But it gives a great feel. No more mushy brakes!

  3. Trevor Gartner (verified owner)

    What a well designed and built solution. I expected high quality, and I am fully satisfied with this set up. If you are considering it, get it. Pedal feel is different without the booster, but it is very consistent and I like it!

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