Accelerator Linkage Set, Dual Stromberg, TR250, TR6

Dimensions: 16 × 5 × 1.5 in
Weight: 1lbs


Upgraded accelerator linkage set for a dual stromberg carburetor assembly

Fits Triumph TR250 and TR6

Sold as a complete assembly


When a customer’s car comes into the Good Parts shop for a tune-up, one of the first things we check is the car’s ability to achieve full throttle. On most cars the accelerator pedal reaches the floor before the carburetors achieve full throttle. This is largely due to excessive play created by wear of the accelerator linkage components.

Good Parts’ improved linkage assembly uses bronze bushings, new ball joints and an adjustable stop to eliminate play and provide smooth accelerator operation. The assembly lever and mounting bracket are stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The linkage set comes fully assembled and ready to bolt on.

For optimum accelerator function Good Parts recommends installing our Accelerator Shaft Bushing Kit (SKU 2651).

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions16 × 5 × 1.5 in


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