Bushing Kit, Front, Nylatron, TR6 (inner and outer)
Bushing Kit, Rear, Nylatron, TR6

Improve handling with self-lubricating, moly impregnated, Nylatron suspension bushings. Rubber or polyurethane bushings compress under load allowing deflection from proper suspension settings. Nylatron bushings eliminate this problem, greatly improving handling and steering response. Stainless steel wear sleeves eliminate bushing failures caused by rusting sleeves.

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Includes all bushings and hardware for upper and lower inner pivot points as well as the lower outer pivots at the trunnion.  The seal above the trunnion is not included.  If removing the trunnions, order replacement seals below.

US $169.00

Not included in front bushing kit.  Two required.

US $2.00
US $89.00
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10/09/2017 06:49:59
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