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Good Parts combines superior performance with show quality to offer the best anti-sway bar kits available. These high tensile bars rotate in self-lubricating Nylatron bushings set in machined aluminum mounting blocks. Nylon race spherical rod end bearings connect the bar to brackets mounted on the suspension. These features add up to 100% effectiveness with no loss due to the compression of rubber or poly bushings. You will feel the difference in handling that these high quality components provide. Since one sway bar rate does not fit all cars or all drivers I have designed the rear bar with an adjustable rate to allow you to fine tune your car's handling to your preference. Bar and brackets are powder coated semi-gloss black. The front bar mounts easily to the original mounting holes. The rear bar requires four holes to be drilled in the frame.

Caution: Proper handling requires a balance between front and rear sway bar stiffness. Use of the adjustable rear bar with the front bar listed above will allow adjustment from moderate understeer to oversteer. Using this rear bar with a stock front bar may result in excessive and dangerous oversteer.

The photos below show the anti-sway bars in action. Both shots show cars with very little body roll during some serious cornering force.

71 TR6 cornering Race car cornering

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