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Good Parts Dual Master Cylinder Kit uses two 5/8" bore Wilwood master cylinders and a balance bar system to allow full adjustment of front to rear brake bias. Bias adjustment may be made at the balance bar or from the cockpit using the Remote Bias Adjuster Kit listed below.


Fits left hand drive cars only.

US $499.00

Wilwood's Remote Brake Bias Adjuster has a cable that connects from the dual master cylinder's balance bar to a knob in the cockpit to allow front-to-rear brake bias adjustment while driving. The 5 foot cable may be cut to any length for a custom fit to your desired mounting location.

US $49.00

Wilwood's specially formulated Hi-Temp 570 Racing Brake Fluid has a minimum 570 degree F. dry boiling point to withstand the severe requirements of automotive racing.

US $10.50
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